The Swedish Agency for Public Management

In English

Statskontoret (The Swedish Agency for Public Management) is the Government’s organisation for analyses and evaluations of state and state-funded activities.

We provide the Government and Ministries with relevant, concrete and useful studies in all areas with the aim of making the public sector more efficient. 

With our expertise in public administration we support the Government with matters relating to organisation, governance and development of the public sector. In our publication series About the public sector (Om offentlig sektor) we reflect and analyse the development and challenges of public administration 

Another of our assignments is to monitor the local government financial equalisation. We analyse and give proposals to improve this system with the aim of making it more accurate and simplified.

Starting in 2017 we have the assignment to promote and coordinate the work for a good administrative culture.

The summaries of our publications from 2013 onwards are translated into English.