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Summaries in English

We translate a selection of the publications summaries to English. Below you will find all translations of summaries from 2017 onwards.

2024 - Summaries of publications


2023 - Summaries of publications


2022 - Summaries of publications


2021 – Summaries of publications


2020 – Summaries of publications


2019 – Summaries of publications

How is the Swedish Migration Agency’s new organisation evolving? (2019:19) Evaluation of the new complaints system within the health service Final report (2019:18) The Teacher Salary Boost. A status report (2019:17) Nationalmuseum’s internal management, steering and follow-up (2019:16) The 2030 Agenda in government agencies and local authorities. Interim Report (2019:15) Evaluation of the Government’s development programme for gender mainstreaming in agencies. Final Report (2019:14) Planned localisation of government activities – a survey of ten government agencies (2019:13) Evaluation of the Government’s Strategy for Young People who neither work nor study. Final report (2019:12) Government agencies’ information and consultation in EU matters. An in-depth analysis of 12 agencies’ participation work (2019:11) An analysis of public policy instruments for improving eating habits (2019:10) From the Film Agreement to a governmental film policy. An analysis of the activities of the Swedish Film Institute (2019:9) Improved coordination of supervision and supervisory guidance within the area of chief guardianship (2019:8) Independent consumer support (2019:7) Evaluation of the re-regulation of the gambling market. Interim report 2: The gambling market before re-regulation (2019:6) Increased staffing in elderly care. A follow-up of the Government’s temporary initiative 2015-2018. Final report (2019:5) Authorities’ forecasts of the flow in the criminal process (2019:4)y sida Internal governance in the Swedish Public Employment Service. Final report on the impact of the work to implement change (2019:3) Development of state governance of municipalities and county councils – an analysis (2019:2) A new regulatory framework for the establishment assignment – implementation and effects for the Swedish Public Employment Service’s operations (2019:1)


2018 – Summaries of publications

Better knowledge of the cultural heritage – a review of the Church Antiquarian Compensation (2018:28) Evaluation of Government measures to counteract violent extremism 2014-2017 (2018:29) When planning meets reality – Internal leadership, governing and follow-up with the Swedish Armed Forces (2018:27) Evaluation of the new complaints system within the health services. Interim report (2018:26) Agency analysis of the Institute for Language and Folklore (2018:25) Evaluation of joint management by knowledge for the healthcare and social services. Final report (2018:23) Evaluation of the re-regulation of the gambling market. Interim report 1: Indicators for monitoring the effects of the re-regulation (2018:22) Evaluation of the Delegation for the Employment of Young People and Newly Arrived Migrants (2018:21) Analysis of the Swedish National Council on Medical Ethics (2018:20) The staff disciplinary boards in government agencies (On the public sector) Work by agencies against harassment, threats and violence (2018:19) Reorganisation to create a unified police authority. Final Report (2018:18) Evaluation of the government’s development programme for gender mainstreaming in agencies. Interim report (2018:17) Agency management boards in practice (On the public sector) Review of the Expert Group for Aid Studies (2018:16) The follow-up and evaluation system of the cultural collaboration model – a review (2018:15) Review of representative liability under tax law. With a focus on exemption and respite (2018:14) Evaluation of the governance of the strategy for Roma inclusion (2018:13) Projects that aid the development of trust-based governance of public authorities (2018:12) Better support where there is municipal collaboration (2018:11) Adult education for our time – an evaluation based on the objectives of the government subsidy. Final report (2018:10) Analysis of the Swedish Media Council (2018:9) The UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights – Challenges in the work of the government (2018:8) Supervision pursuant to the NIS Directive – costs and financing (2018:7) Impediments in utilising the public authorities’ open data (2018:6) The Swedish public employment services’ management and governance. Interim report on the impact of the work to implement change (2018:5) Evaluation of the Forensic Medical Report Reform (2018:4) The Public Administration’s efforts to make Public Sector Information more Accessible (2018:2) Additional Tasks and Responsibilities for the Swedish Better Regulation Council. Should Regelrådet work more with EU legislation and digitisation? (2018:1) Strategies and action plans – A way for the Government to govern?


2017 – Summaries of publications

From public to private. A survey of transfers of municipally-operated activities (2017:24) Migration activities at missions abroad. An analysis of what it might cost if the Swedish Migration Agency assumed the responsibilities (2017:23) The Swedish National Theatre Company – a touring national theatre based on volunteer. An analysis according to the governmental agency analysis model (2017:22) Evaluation of state subsidies for the boosting of teachers’ salaries – Lärarlönelyftet Interim Report 1 (2017:21) Agency analysis of the Swedish Inheritance Fund Commission (2017:20) The financial consequences of incorporating the Convention on the Rights of the Child into Swedish law (2017:19) Shared responsibility for real property formation (land parcelling) (2017:18) Establishment of the National Agency for Public Procurement (UHM). Final Report (2017:17) Agency analysis of the Swedish Institute of Space Physics (2017:16) Evaluation of the Government’s Strategy for Young People who neither work nor study. Interim Report (2017:15) The significance of management in a sound administrative culture Agencies’ work to prevent and reduce sickness absence (2017:14) Agency analysis of the Swedish Agency for Youth and Civil Society (2017:13) National Property Board of Sweden’s work on a sound management culture (2017:12) Measures to Increase the Renting Out of Rooms in Private Residences (2017:11) Reorganisation into a unified police authority. Interim report 2 – about the new organisation’s impact (2017:10) Enhanced Control and Inspection of Foodstuffs via Increasing Municipal Cooperative Efforts (2017:9) Agency analysis of the Living History Forum (2017:8) An analysis of the process and conditions of employment at Samhall AB (2017:7) Evaluation of the new organisation at the Swedish Migration Agency (2017:6) The Government Agencies’ Work in the Area of Psychological Defence (2017:5) Agency analysis of the Swedish National Archives (2017:4) Agency analysis of the Swedish Schools Inspectorate (2017:3) Agency analysis of the Swedish Arts Grants Committee (2017:2) Follow-up of the career development reform. Interim report 3 (2017:1)