The Swedish Agency for Public Management

Survey of overlaps in government export promotion (2016:4)

Statskontoret (the Swedish Agency for Public Management) has carried out a survey of overlaps in commissions and operations between different state-aided authorities and organisations which are active in government promotion of exports and the internationalisation of trade and industry. Sweco Strategy AB carried out the survey work on commission by Statskontoret. 

The government system of promoting exports is diversified and relatively difficult to grip on an overall level. This is demonstrated by the fact that there are around fifteen actors involved in this survey. Real overlaps are limited, however, even though they do exist. Many actors are working with similar issues and target groups but in different roles, functions and phases. Services provided by the actors are more complementary than overlapping. 

The survey shows that the objectives and the actors' tasks may need to be clarified. There may also be reason to review coordination between the actors involved, their knowledge of the work and the way in which companies can be better guided through the government promotion system.