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Your role in central government – common ground rules

This e-learning course will strengthen your ability to handle the role as a central government employee. The course is primarily intended for those who are newly employed in central government but can also be used by current central government employees seeking to brush up on the necessary knowledge.

The course provides you with a basic knowledge of what is common to all government work in any organisation or role. Its content is based on the basic values of central government. The course will equip you with knowledge of the rules and conditions regulating the work of central government authorities. This knowledge is vital in your role as a central government employee. Some content may also be used in the authorities’ work towards a good administrative culture.


Integrating the course into a learning management system

We also provide the course in the form of a SCORM package for central government authorities who wish to include it in their learning management platform. This e-learning course is provided free of charge.

Receipt of SCORM packages requires conclusion of a written agreement between the public authorities. Please send details regarding the name of the authority, postal address and company registration number, as well as the name and title of the signatory to the agreement to dinrollistaten@statskontoret.se

Following signature of the agreement by both parties, the course can be downloaded from Onedrive. The size of the file is 182 MB.

Questions and answers about the e-learning course

What does the e-learning course include?

In general, the course focuses on what is common to everyone working in central government. The content is based on the basic values of central government authorities.

The e-learning course is structured in eight chapters. It begins with a chapter on the fundamental principles and regulations that apply to all central government employees, our common foundation in central government. This is followed by a chapter on each of the six principles that make up the basic values of central government authorities: democracy, objectivity, rule of law, respect, free formation of opinion, efficacy and service. The course concludes with a chapter on applying and thinking about the basic values in your day-to-day work.

How long is the course?

The course is divided into eight chapters. We recommend completing all eight chapters in one session. In total, the course takes about two hours.

If you choose to interrupt the course, you must remember which chapters you have completed.

Is the e-learning course compulsory?

Central government authorities can chose to make this e-learning course compulsory. Government employees benefit greatly from the content of the course, and we therefore encourage authorities under the Government to allow new employees time to complete the course.

How does the course relate to the introduction training of public authorities?

This e-learning course addresses issues that apply to all central government employees, regardless of which authority the work at or what role they have.

The course complements the authorities' in-house introduction programmes, which may address more specific laws and rules a long with work procedures. Upon completing the e-learning course, Your role in central government – common ground rules, you will be better able to benefit from your authority’s induction training.

Swedish version of the e-learning course. 

Futher questions

Please contact, dinrollistaten@statskontoret.se