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Statskontoret is organised in four survey departments and one department for operation support.

Director General

Annelie Roswall Ljunggren is Director General.
tel. +46-8-454 46 01
e-mail: annelie.roswall-ljunggren@statskontoret.se

Department 1 - Financial affairs, Public administration, The Judicial System. Administrative culture. EUPAN/OECD

Director: Erik Nyberg
tel. +46-8-454 46 96
e-mail: erik.nyberg@statskontoret.se

Departement 2 - Labour market, Social welfare, Health Care

Director: Jessica Bylund
tel. +46-8-454 46 80
e-mail: jessica.bylund@statskontoret.se

Department 3 - Culture, Education, Research and Environment

Director: Gabriel Brandström
tel. +46-8-454 46 85
e-mail: gabriel.brandstrom@statskontoret.se

Department 4 - Agriculture, Defence and Foreign Policy,  Industry, Energy and Infrastructure

Director: Matilda Ardenfors
tel. +46-8-454 46 16
e-mail: matilda.ardenfors@statskontoret.se

Survey support department

with the functions Commissariat, Finance, Communication, IT support, Legal issues, Personnel and Registry.

Director: Staffan Johansson
tel. +46-8-454 46 15
e-mail: staffan.johansson@statskontoret.se